Saturday, 2 July 2011

On the Hunt

It took a while...but I finally managed to hunt them down. I'm talking about my quest to find these 2 fingered cross rings. Ok let me back track a little, so the one accesory I've been obsessing about recently are rings. Particularly 2 fingered rings does that sound dirty, anyways I have been looking for these everywhere. I've seen them on some fashion bloggers/youtubers and instantly fell in love!

 I asked all the SA's at Diva, Lovisa, Equip, everywhere basically and everytime they would tell me 'Oh they're awesome, but they're sold out" *grrr*.

So one fine day while browsing at Sportsgirl, I found them in a little corner tucked away. It was truly a 'light shining down from the heavens above' moment for me,not joking. I had to grab not one but two, guess I'm obsessive like that.

My gold cross is a little scratched *boo* 

I just think they look really funky. A statement piece but not a in your face statement, and everytime I wear them I get asked about them.

What are your favourite accessories of the moment? Have you been on the hunt for them lately?


  1. They look really good! :) I love rings too but haven't been hunting lately :{

    I've been obsessed with beanies lately HAHHAHA :3


  2. oh thats cool!
    iv been obsessing over some of the rings on
    i really love their rings!

  3. deerest - that's a good obsession to have considering it's winter:)

    nana - asos has wonderful stuff..been stalking that site as well :)