Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Truth or Dare

 Now I have previously mentioned my beauty purchases are heavily influenced by the online beauty community, so when these 'Benefit Box Blush' dupes came out it intrigued me, and I thought why not! 

The packaging as mentioned is very reminiscent of the Benefit Box Blushers but definitely feel way cheaper and minus the lovely scent. They also come with a mini brush which, to be honest I would never use but it does make it look cute though!

 I had been using this particular colour, Truth or Dare all of last week and I actually really like it. It is a little powdery when you swipe your brush in it, but once applied to the cheeks it does give a pretty glow. As you can see there is a bronzy goldy side and a light baby pink side. Once swirled it gives a light baby pink mixed with a gold sheen finish that you might think is a bit much for winter but I still prefer to look a little glowy even in the winter months.

I guess on my skintone the pink is rather sheer so if your fairer, it may be slightly more pinkier/pigmented. It could also double as a highlight for me. 

Sorry about the deer in the headlights look..have yet to get a hang of taking close-up shots ;)

In case your wondering I purchased the blushers on eBay as I don't think the  Hard Candy line is sold in Australia. 

Have you tried any of the Fox in a Box blushers?


  1. That looks so flawlessly natural on you!! Deer in the headlight lol even I'm still trying to master the close up shots.

    Cute box btw!

  2. I wish Hard Candy was available in Australia, I love the look of a lot of their products. I think you look lovely with this on, very pretty xox

  3. Cendana- thank you hun:)may go for the 'duck face' look the next time lol

    Megan- thanks for the compliment lovely:)I do have a trusty eBay seller who sells some stuff from their line if your interested;)

  4. I haven't tried any Hard Candy products but the packaging looks so cute!
    Are they only available on eBay? (for us Aussies?)

  5. I had no idea Hard Candy was making Benefit boxed blush dupes! Must investigate further as this one is really pretty :)

  6. Melinda- the packaging is adorable! As far as I know you can't get them in Aus, but that's what eBay is for i guess :)

    Silhouette Screams- This is apparently a dupe for Benefits 10 and there's another that's a dupe for Benefits Sugarbomb. Definitely check them out!!:)