Sunday, 3 July 2011

NOTD-Essie St Tropez

You know when you see a nail polish colour and just cant wait to put it on...well this isn't one of them. Now looking at St Tropez in the bottle, I thought, yea its ok..nothing to shout about. But when I put it on, whole different story there. 
There is no other way to put this but this colour makes me feel sexy, yes you heard it rite a nail polish makes me feel sexy. I don't know how... but it does. 
Personally I think it goes really well with my tanned skin, as it just brings out the colour of my skin.

Now Essie polishes can be a hit or miss in my books. They can be streaky and not as opaque as I would like. This colour needed 2 coats for this opacity and applied very smoothly, so thumbs up from me.
It's just such a gorgeous nude colour, the perfect nude shade in my opinion.

Has a nail polish ever made u feel sexy? 


  1. LMAO no a nail polish has never made me feel sexy. My belly piercing does though! Is that surprising? LOL

    But this is a pretty nude :)


  2. Love this Essie shade. and yes! a well executed manicure / great nail polish def makes me feel sexy every time I wear it ;)

  3. deerest- no it's not should,lol

    Marusya- It's gorgeous...and I totally agree;)

  4. very pretty nude :) love the color ..

  5. It is a lovely nude:) thanks

  6. I thought I didnt like beige polishes but swatched an Orly one recently and fell in love!! This is very chic and classy great colour for work

  7. it would be perfect for work:) it's definitely a must have in anyone's nail polish collection