Saturday, 30 July 2011

My Go-To Makeup Routine

Every now and then, I get a little lazy. You know how it is, wanting to sleep in a little longer then waking up and realizing you have 10 minutes to get ready. Times like these I can't be bothered to go through the whole routine in my daily makeup, particularly now since exams are around the corner. So i turn to my go-to face routine, the makeup items i can just slap on real quick and look semi decent in public *I hope*

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Dark- a light dusting of this is all I need, love the finish this gives. Very natural, hence the name;)

Mac Select Moisturecover NC42 - definitely my go-to concealer. Being a student, concealer has become my best friend and all though this is not a heavy duty concealer it's perfect for my under eyes. 

ELF Warm Bronzer- gives some colour to my cheeks and the slight sheen is perfect for daily wear.

Mac Haute & Naughty mascara- I cant be bothered with eyeshadow most times, it's the one step i would definitely skip in my usual routine but I can't live without mascara. Been loving this recently, perfect for lengthening and volumizing.

Milani Liquifeye Brown- I always line my lower lash-line just to give some definition to the eyes.

Mac Hug Me l/s- definitely a 'my lips but better' lippy, had it for ages and love it!

Milani Liquifeye in Brown, ELF Warm Bronzer & Mac Hug Me lipstick

Whats your go-to routine?


  1. I like the look of the ELF Bronzer, and I've been meaning to pick up Hug Me. My go-to/holy-crap-I-overslept routine is still kind of elaborate, I do black winged liner with a shimmery white/cream on the lid, brown in the crease and on the lower lashline and a bold lip.

  2. yea the ELF bronzer really helps perk up my face on mornings like these lol. That's so good that you still do the winged liner etc, I get sooo lazy, i can't be bothered most times:)

  3. I really like that MAC lipstick! What a hot colour! Great blog and great pics.

    Wanna follow each other? I always follow back :)


  4. Quick, simple, and it gets the job done when you're feeling a little lazy to do your own make-up. Well, I agree with being able to slap on your make-up real quick just like a clip-on mask.

  5. i want this wht is its price?