Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Little Lippy Crazy

The aim was to watch Harry Potter and get home asap as it was a crappy day out in Sydney. But we had time to kill, and as it happened there was a Priceline sneaky sneaky near by. So the lovely boyfriend said 20 minutes thats it. I thought I'll just have a browse cause I dont really need anything, but who was i kidding... *hangs head in shame*

This is what I ended up with, 3 Australis Colour Inject Mineral lippys and the boyfriend even helped pick one!

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Salsa, Jive and  Mambo


These lippys are really creamy and shockingly crazy pigmented, even the nude colour turned out to be much pinker than it appeared in the tube. Only gripe I have is the smell, they smell like cheap lipsticks but hey i'm not complaining:) Overall i'm very pleased with them. 

You can get your hands on these babies at Priceline for AUD$12.95 and if your quick Priceline is now having a buy 2 get the 3rd lipstick free. 


  1. Jive looks great on you! I'm tempted by the buy 2 get 3rd free offer, but I really don't need any more lippies!

  2. I love these lipsticks!! They are my abso fave! I'm also looking to pick up Jive :) And Mambo is my favourite... I agree with you that it turns out so much more pinky than in the tube haha!!

    All looks great on you! X

  3. I really like Salsa shade... I wonder though, how long do they stay on lips?

  4. @emma I couldn't help it...i get tempted easily lol

    @deerest thanks lovely:) I know, i was amazed with the pigmentation on Mambo , it looked so light in the tube

    @Beauty Soiree Salsa is gorgeous!!!u should pick it up;)

    @Marusya Salsa is really pretty:) I had about 2 hours of wear before I had a cup of coffee, then reapplied..so i'm thinking about 3 hours wear tops..

    @Saumya yea had to pick them up when i swatched them :)

  5. Those colours look great! I think I'll have to get them now (not that I need anymore lippies!)
    Great review xoxox

  6. lol the beauty of enabling:)hope you enjoy them!

  7. I've been meaning to get some of their lipsticks for a while, my friend has some and they're lovely (from what I could tell when I raided her makeup stash!) I love that Australis have really stepped up their game lately, I remember using their products in the 7th grade and they were awful, haha

  8. these are really good for "drugstore", i was genuinely surprised with the pigmentation and how creamy they were. Definitely have a look next time your in Priceline:)