Friday, 30 March 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 current weakness. Yes i've moved on from lipsticks and back to blush!! And just in time actually. Sleek just launched they're new line of blush palettes. These blush by 3 palettes like the name suggest, come with 3 highly pigmented shades that are ideal for travel. 

I only picked up one palette in Lace and am in love!!!! There's no doubt about it that we all have heard about how highly pigmented Sleek blushes can be and these are no exception. Three gorgeous variations of pinky corally shades that definitely will suit any skin tone. You really need a light hand with these blushers, a little goes a long way.
Too bad the Southern hemisphere is going into winter now, but hey looks like there will be a couple of sunshiny days ahead and i'm not putting these gorgeous babies away, just yet.

Chantilly, Guipure and Crochet

Have you tried these new blush palettes?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Version of A Project Pan

Confession, a few days ago i looked at my makeup collection and was disgusted by it!

 Yes i think i have reached a point where the amount i have bothers me. I love makeup but i think sometimes i go a little, if not extremely overboard with my purchases :) 
So i thought to myself can i, can i cut down, yes! and how am i gonna do this. 
Well first off, i did a clear up of all things i don't ever and will never use. Blog sale hopefully sometime in the future perhaps. 
Then i thought, i would put everything I used to use all the time and products that i have left aside to make a point of using them up. And voila! this is a whole box of unloved or previously loved products
that i intend to see to its very end


So basically, the idea is to reach for these products first and every now and then mix it up with other products in my collection. I mean really does anyone need 10 different concealers   hides in shame.

This isn't in anyway a project pan,well i guess its my version of a project pan.

I know myself to well, the buying ain't gonna stop :)

Has your collection gotten out of hand? Are you on a project pan?

Thursday, 15 March 2012

NOTD - Etude House WH703

You gotta love Asian makeup brands and the lengths they go to produce cute and girly packaging. It sucks you rite in!
I had heard a ton about Etude House, and when i saw a massive store in  my home town i literally screamed. I did pick up a couple of makeup products but of i never pass up on the nail polish!!. This shade is definitely something i don't have in my mahoosive nail polish collection believe it or not.

A gunmetal grey with purple iridescence that makes it unique IMO. The wear on the polish is its only downfall. Chipping was within 2 days, pretty bad considering i have nail polishes that last up to a week with only tip wear. Oh well you win some, you lose some rite;)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

You High-Light Up My Life

Corny I know! but seriously i have been in love with two new highlighters recently, and just cant get enough of them. These in fact are new additions to my collection.

First up, my go-to day time highlighter, Hush Cream Colour Base from Mac.
This is a subtle highlight perfect for day wear. Its definitely is a pink tinged highlighter, something a little different and i think the reason its more daytime wearable. It just blends into my skin and gives a subtle yet colourful sheen without being Bam! in your face. It's waxy in consistency, so you have to warm up the product with your fingers and work with it a little.

Mac Hush Cream Color Base and TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
Next up, my nights out option and my new current obsession, TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer. I did pick this up quite a while ago, but have only been recently using it as i have decided to make a conscious effort to shop my stash and found this gem sitting in my collection. If your looking for the JLo glow, this is it ladies! A yellowy gold shimmer that is definitely more obvious but gorgeous nevertheless, to die for!
Mary Lou-Manizer and Hush

What highlighters have you been obsessing with?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mac Kissable Lipcolours

In the recent Mac Shop, Mac Cook collection out in the States, they repromoted some shades of the Kissable Lip colour. Now i had picked up a couple of these liquid lipstick hybrid when they initally came out in the Peacocky collection sometime last year. Trust Mac to have a billion and one collections out at any given time! So as this collection has yet to hit Aussie shores, i thought i would do a mini swatcheroo and post my thoughts on them.

I find these Lipcolours,as they're called act like a lipstick/stain. After eating and drinking, i do find some colour still visible and i just need a little top up and i'm good to go. They're extremely creamy and apply smoothly. I do enjoy busting these babies out from time to time, hence why i chose a nude, a vibrant coral and a pinky colour.

One con i have with the product is the lenght of the wand. I am not a fan. I find it way too long,so its harder to manipulate in a way for me. If it was just a tad bit shorter, it would be perfect.  

Msc Kissable LipColours in Super, Exxx-hibitionist and So Vain

Super, Exxx-hibitionist and So Vain

Only 1 of the shades, So Vain is being repromoted but they are some pretty colours coming out in the Mac Shop, Mac Cook collection. Definitely do check them out!

Have you tried the Kissable LipColours? Thoughts?