Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Perfect Red Lip

I love a good red makes me feel flirty, feminine and classy. All I need is a red lip with oddles of mascara and it just boost my confidence. I have a favourite red lip combo that all though I have other red lippys to choose from, I find I keep reaching for this particular red lip combo the most.

Meet my fav red lippy of all time, Rouge Dior Creme De Gloss 845. Its called a gloss but I feel its more of a liquid lipstick.It just glides onto your lips, so buttery and smooth. Its long lasting and the colour is perfect for my skin tone, just the right shade of red, not too bright yet not cool toned.

And just too add a little sparkle cause who doesn't love a good sparkle lol. I use Mac's Dazzleglass Creme in Totally Fab to top it off. This dazzleglass is gorgeous, it has some bluey silvery flecks and just adds the right amount of sparkle to the already gorgeous Dior lippy.

My two lovelies together...
My perfect red lip :)...whats yours?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Being Bold with Pigments

I consider myself a neutral girl when it comes to eyeshadows....I play it pretty safe when it comes to colour choices and never really dare to stray into uncharted territory ..but after seeing a billion Youtube vids on Barry M pigments and considering how affordable they are I decided hmmm maybe I can start my experimenting with some colours using these pigments. 
I never was much of a pigment user until recently. In fact these were the very first pigments that I owned and so I guess you could say I kinda went pigment crazy from then onwards. I have come to accumulate a few of these wonderful pigments, so I thought I would do a mini review/swatcheroo of them.

These are all swatched wet using some Mac Fix+ and without an eyeshadow base.I personally feel  the best way to use pigments is to use them wet as it brings out the colours and makes them more intense.
L to R: 88 winter berry, 55 fig, 20 baby blue, 92 aqua gold, 59 lilac
L to R: 87 coral, 3 pink/gold, 44 bronze, 39 tan, 96 gold
These pigments are awesome if your like me and experimenting with new eye products and want to try playing around with pigments. They're extremely pigmented and come in a vast arrays of colours. My personal favourites are bronze and tan neutral gal at heart.  Love love love them! You can get these wonderfull pigments from the Barry M website or from Crush Cosmetics. So ladies what are your favourite pigments and how do you use them?

Monday, 23 May 2011

Sat nite at the Stamford

So just a quick FOTN, my very first actually so let me know what you think. Decided to head out to the city for my last free weekend before next semester starts...had fun with the gals, they're gorgeous. Shout out to the boys as well all though I highly doubt they would be reading this ;)
I was going for a neutral glowy * I just came back from holidays* kinda look...with a little pop of colour with my new l/s..hope you like it:)

Face- Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in Classic Beige , Mac Select Moisturecover in NC42, Mac Melba Blush, Mac Soft and Gentle MSF

Eyes- Urban Decay Primer Potion,Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study, e/s from Urban Decay Naked Pallete lid- Toasted ,crease-Smog and inner conner and brow bone highlight-Sin, Milani Liquifeye in Brown, Benefit Bad Gal lash

Lips- Mac Ever Hip l/s

Tess and Dyasmin
Here are the gals with their lippys, Tess is wearing Estee Lauder's Candy and Dyasmin is wearing Elizabeth Arden's Perfect Coral. Both gorgeous l/s for a night out and they look absolutely smashing:) Thought we would have some fun with some lippy shots.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Holiday Haulin'

Hi my name is Priyanka and I am a makeup junkie. Looking at all the things I have accumulated on just a week of holidays is ridiculous. I have lost the plot people, take my credit card and Internet connection away. I can only do more damage if I have them with me ;)
So this is what I have purchased in the past week while on holiday in Perth , browsing thru Priceline back in Sydney and to top it off my two eBay packages arrived in the same week. So yes I have gone nuts!!! I guess the only excuse I have is that I have been busy studying/surviving the past 12 weeks in pharm school so I deserved some retail therapy? trying to justify my excessive spending . Anyways lets take a look at the damage I've done *yikes*

This is all the stuff I purchased in Perth...what i'm really excited about is the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation that I used the other night and I loved makes your skin look all dewy and its just gorgeous..might just have to do a review on that. Also I purchased the Morrocan Oil travel pack as I have been interested in trying the products out for a far not too impressed with the shampoos but loving the oil.

I was heaps excited when my eBay packages arrived during the week..I ordered the Mac stuff separately from all the other drugstore products. What I'm excited about is the Ever Hip l/s from the new Mac collection out in the US..gorgeous corally pinky colour. The other things are the two Hard Candy Fox in A Box blushers that are supposed to be dupes to the Benefit boxed blushers at a fraction of the cost.

And then, when I got back to Sydney I kinda went a little...ok maybe more than a little nuts in Priceline. The Revlon polishes were about AUD $9 so I had too? Looking at the colours now it looks like I'm getting ready for summer and the fact is its just started to get really cold in Australia but these colours make me smile so I guess I will be ready when summer roles on by:)

These are the other things I picked up at Priceline. A few bits n bobs and yes I did need more l/s go figure.

Finally I had to pop into Lush. I've just started getting into Lush so I decided to try out their hair masque and because I love anything with vanilla the Vanillary perfume just had to be smells divine.

I think I need therapy and not of the retail kind help me...but until then what have you been hauling lately?

Friday, 20 May 2011

A much needed break

It's been ages since I've posted, sorry guys I've been away on holidays after a traumatic first semester in pharm school. Anyways I thought I would do a post on the beauty products I took along with me on my one week of freedom.
Now previously I have been guilty of over-packing...but come on ladies how many of us are guilty of that rite:) I must confess to have taken 10 different blushers once on a long holiday so with that in mind, this is what I came up with.

Clockwise: Benefit Moon Beam, Mac MSF Natural, Mac Select Moisturecover, Benefit Coralista, Stila Bronzing Powder
Clockwise: Maybeline Color Sensational l/s Warm Me Up, Mac Lipglass Lust, Benefit BadGal Lash, Urban Decay Naked palette, Milani Liquifeye in Brown, Stila l/s in Flushed, Stila lip glaze Pinkle Twinkle, Benefit Lemon Aid
I think I did a pretty good job and I managed to use all the products I took along considering I did only take one blush * yay me*.I still did manage to pick up a few new beauty products a true makeup junkie including a new foundation that I'm heaps excited about..but thats for another post..

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Past Love

I was procastinating sorting out some of my makeup  when I came across a much beloved lipstick that I have abandoned in recent times. I pulled it out and thought about all the good times we've had together. Meet my first lipstick love the Diorific Rose Volage lipstick in Nakedly Pink.

The packaging is so worn out and even questionable now that I'm looking at it ;)...but this ladies used to be my HG lipstick in my late teens and my first high end lipstick as well. Its a gorgeous soft pink with a gold sheen. Perfect for a night out or even paired with Indian outfits. It's very creamy and just gorgeous.
As you can see I've worn this baby to death..I don't use it much anymore... no I lie I don't use it ever, but looking at it did bring back fond memories. I guess I still have it tucked away in my collection because of sentimental reasons  I'm just bad at getting rid of anything.

What was you first high end lipstick? Still have it buried in your collection?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Play on Pastels

So as mentioned in my previous blog post, I've been on a nail polish kick and to justify all my purchases I have decided to paint my nails at least every other day.Since I'm on study break..I guess I have the time to get it done (although I should be cramming).
I decided on some pastely colours. I know it's winter here in Australia (unfortunately) but I can't help it...I love these colours they're just so pretty. I used 2 China Glaze nail polishes, Something Sweet as the base coat and Agent Lavender for the tips. They're not very straight or even but I guess I was going for the "I dipped my fingers in another colour effect".

China Glaze: Agent Lavender

China Glaze: Something Sweet, Agent Lavender

China Glaze is by far my favourite nail polish brand and  it's acsessible to me. I  purchase most of mine from and some from two different ebay sellers r93 and beautyzone2007. They're opaque, come in a wide range of colours and minimal chipping so thumbs up from me.

So ladies ...anyone if you're reading..whats on your nails at the moment?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Confession Time!!

Confession....I am obsessed I mean OBSESSED with nail polish at the moment. I'm sure there's been a point when your obsessed with one beauty product and you just can't get enough of it. Well for me it's nail polish at the moment...I say this because I know eventually I will get over it and my obsession will shift to something else...typical Priyanka behaviour I say.
So back to my obsession ...I picked up several, ok maybe more than several polishes online and am so ecstatic about them that I had to share, so here goes

Zoya: Jules,Marley,Gemma OPI: Not Like the Movies

Zoya: Dove,Caitlin,Danii
China Glaze: Pelican Gray, Sea Spray, Below Deck
China Glaze: Agent Lavender, Recycle and Something Sweet
I love love loveeeeeeee them all...they're gorgeous I have to say. Now I just have to find time in between my billion exams to paint my nails...I'm thinking one colour a about procastination rite.
So i finally dived in and decided you know what I'm gonna start a beauty here goes.
Hi I'm Priyanka just your average uni student struggling tru my masters in pharmacy in what I consider the bush....somewhere in Australia. I love (obsessed) makeup, nail polish  anything pretty and girly basically. So hopefully someone out there no wait I'm sure there's a lot of you out there who feel the same way and would read here goes.