Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Product Love of the Moment -Liquid Eyeliner

Every week I switch up my makeup to try and have a variation of products in my daily makeup routine. Last month I thought to myself, lets have some fun with liquid liner. 
Eyeliner...not something i'm accomplished at doing. I still struggle with the perfect cat eye so using liner let alone liquid liner can be an ordeal for me. 

First up I tried out the Face of Australia Liquid Liner in Brown and the verdict is LOVE!!!!!!  I never thought it would be so easy to draw a line thin enough on your upper lash line with such ease. 
The brush is amazing
So easy to manipulate
The colour payoff is awesome 
Last the whole day without any smudging ...amazing.
There's no hassles in removing the liner, it just comes off with a swipe of  makeup remover.
I have nothing negative to say about this, in fact I love the FOA liner so much I bought another one in black recently in the Priceline sales.

So once I had decided I had conquered my fear of liquid liner I thought, why not try out a liner with some sheen to it @ Mac Superslick Liquid Liner in Defiantly Feline
This liner came out sometime last year with the Fabulous Feline collection and I picked up 2 shades in this range. I decided to break this one out as I though it's still a brown liner and the slight sheen in it was just nice for daily wear.
Pretty much the same as the FOA liner
and all though the brush is very different, it still is very easy to manipulate and draw a thin or thick line.
 One negative is when you remove it, it tends to ball up and you get flecks of liner under your eye, but nothing unmanageable.

Top - FOA Liquid Liner in Brown Bottom - Mac Superslick Liquid Liner in Defiantly Feline
So what's your beauty product of the moment? Have you been dabbling around with some liquid liner?


  1. I tried those FOA liners and I didn't like them to be honest, I found they clumped and the line separated when I went back over it while it was still wet. Perhaps they have changed the formula?

    My faves are hands down fluidlines!

  2. that's unfortunate:(..but i've had no probs with them,they work awesome for me...Have to try the fluidlines sometime:)

  3. try a gel liner instead of a liquid, maybe it wont ball up as much? Iv never had that issue before though. Or use a base? something like udpp?
    i tend to love my liners to be a little more opaque than that black one, and i prefer a brush tip rather than a sponge or felt tip.


  4. they're both brown liners actually...i like using brown liner on a daily basis..might switch it up with black..will try some gel liners this time:)thanks for the tip:)

  5. I really need to try those FOA liners, I've seen a couple of glowing reviews lately :)

  6. I totally recommend them:)If you do , would love to know your thoughts on them!