Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Post Exam Goodies!

There's nothing like a little after exam haulin' to make u feel better. After a stressfull 2 weeks I was greeted by 3 packages that I had purchased during my exam period. Oh the joy of opening them up and swatching away! 

My Cherry Culture haul that I purchased during one of their 20% off sales arrived with the new Nyx Matte lippys and some round lip-glosses .  The next day I received my Sleek order and the following day I received my eBay order with all the Wet n Wild stuff. It was like Christmas in August!

And the lovely boyfriend bought me the Lush Coco Lotion as a "please stop stressing so much, you will do fine in your exams" present. So sweet :)

I will be doing swatches of the lippys over the next few weeks so stay tuned.


  1. that looks awesome, nothing like a bit of retail therapy to calm the nerves!
    Grace xx

  2. thanks ladies:)definitely needed some retail therapy after all that stress lol

  3. Love it when everything arrives at once! I am eyeballing that coco lotion, let me know how you like it!

  4. I ordered from there 20% off sale too! I only purchased one of the Matte l/s but the colors your got look amazing!

  5. @Rin will definitely let you know:)

    @Catalina i went a little l/s crazy lol, will be doing swatches soon:)