Thursday, 11 August 2011

Life's a Peach

Just a quick post on my fav blush combo at the moment. Been layering Nyx Hot Pink Cream blush with Mac Melba. I am so in love with Melba, its my new blush obsession. It's a peachy matte blush that is very natural and when layered over the Nyx cream blush looks like the prefect peachy pink combo. Even by itself,  Melba is a gorgeous colour for just about any skintone. The perfect peach imho.

On another note I think I have to go on a blush ban, in fact an overall makeup ban but I thought I would start off with blush. I was going through my collection and i realized I have to many blushers that it's bordering on ridiculous, lol. So wish me luck cause it's gonna be hard. No promises but I shall try to refrain from buying anymore blush *fingers crossed*

Mac Melba & Nyx Cream Blush Hot Pink

Hot Pink & Melba

What's been your favourite blush combo this week?


  1. Oh I wore Melba today after neglecting it for ages, it's such a gorgeous colour. And I totally need to go on a makeup ban too... I have too many of everything. Good luck with your blush ban.

  2. Good luck not buying more blush!

  3. @Lilit it's such a gorgeous blush..I have to show it more love. Fingers crossed i go ok with my ban;)

    @VijiiS thanks hun:)

    @NarsCupcake its sooooo pretty!!!You have to get it;)

    @Saumya you should definitely check it out:)

  4. I *love* layering powder over cream blush, and Melba looks really pretty! I have to go on a spending ban too, I've bought *so* much makeup over the past few weeks that it's ridiculous.

  5. Love the look of the cream blush. I mainly stick to powder blush alone for a subtle look during the working week. My little bargain BYS Candy Floss was my colour of choice this week :)

  6. @Jerry notice how i'm starting with blush...that means more lippys!! lol

    @Vita I've heard so many good things about BYS blushers have to check them out when i'm off my ban:)

  7. i am yet to try cream blushes!!!

    but i guess you can use it as lip shaders too!!!

  8. @label me addict you should give it a try, they're awesome:)