Sunday, 14 August 2011

Product Fail- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Maybe fail is a little harsh, but the one an only BB cream that i have has failed me or rather have i failed it? 

I was heaps excited to get my hands on a BB cream and decided on getting one from the Missha store in Sydney. I knew in general BB creams tend to run a little light and don't really cater for us tanner/darker skinned gals so i didnt want to make a purchase online. I thought, I would just go in and see what they have  we all know that never works. The SA recommended the darkest colour no23 Natural Beige obviously, and she put a teeny tiny pea size amount on my face and worked it in. Of course in the store and due to excitement being surrounded by makeup I gave in and thought, I can work with it but I couldn't :(

Don't get me wrong, it performs well i.e stays put the whole day, lovely finish, etc but the colour is the problem. It's too light for me bordering on ashy. So i thought, because its not really a heavy duty foundation all I had to do was blend it in...rite, but boy I had to do a heap of blending in to make it work! That ended up taking the most time in my makeup routine.

I know online they have recently started selling some darker shades and hopefully they will get them in store sometime soon. I've not given up just yet on BB creams, I willl find the prefect one, hopefully:)

Have you tried BB creams? Any recommendations?


  1. wow, that colour looks dreadful! i dont see how anyone could wear that, it looks so grey. hope you find something that suits you better!
    Grace xx

  2. Oh wow, I actually put this in my watch list on Ebay because I thought this exact shade might suit me :X I can't believe she managed to sell you such a light shade, silly SA! I hope you find a better shade from the new range :)

  3. @Grace I like the idea behind a BB cream, hopefully i find something my colour :)

    @Jerry partially my fault as, i'm sure u will definitely find a colour match much more easier than me:)

  4. I have been using the missha cho bo yang and tried a few others. Personally I think they need to be used as a base. I always put something over it, a mineral powder is perfect because it will warm it up a bit, or bronzed. I've just been putting a little of my foundation over th top . They are all .slightly grey and need a little something x

  5. this particular bb cream failed me too... though you could try check out Mamonde, Rachel K, Skin79 (though it may be still slightly on the ashy grey side) - really have to use sparingly and pat it blend it well into the skin...


  6. Ohh that's no good, that colour is super ashy =(

  7. @Mez thanks for the tip, unfortunately this will be finding a new home soon but will keep that in mind when i'm looking for another BB cream :)

    @cendana i've heard about Rachel K as well. Hopefully i find something that will suit me:)

    @emma it is terribly ashy :(