Friday, 26 August 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners

Sorry about the lack of consistent posting guys, i'm in the midst of exam season and i am a massive stressball at the moment. Have just taken a few minutes here and there to write up some post. I promise normal posting will resume after the week is over. 

Anyways, today i'm gonna talk about eye liners of the pencil kind. So I know Urban Decay 24/7 liners are pretty much the Maserati of this category but I'm not too sure about that. I feel the Milani Liquifeye could give them a run for their money but I still do like the Urban Decay as they have a wide range of colours and do a pretty decent job.

I know they need sharpening:)

I picked up a few mini liners in a set from Sephora  while back just to give them a go. I personally find they apply better on the upper lash line than the waterline. That being said I usually use them as a pop of colour on my waterline especially on my "no eyeshadow days", which have been pretty frequent recently. I guess if you layer it on, it does apply more pigmentedly than if you only did one swipe. They last pretty much all day and come of easily with any eye makeup remover. I like them because not only do they have a wide range of colours but different consistencies as well i.e. some of them have micro glitter flecks to give an extra sumthing sumthing to your eyes :) 

L to R: Whiskey, Zero, Bourbon, Crash, Underground & Gunmetal

I love trying out different brands of coloured eyeliner but I have to say Milani Liquifeye *my HG liner* wins hands down. Hopefully they come out with a wider range of colours but till then these babies do a lovely job.

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