Tuesday, 30 August 2011

NOTD- Opi Skulls & Glossbones & Sally Hansen's Disco Ball

I had been in the mood for grey polishes lately, i know it'a a little weird since the weather has been all sunshine and beautiful spring days. Maybe it was just because I was stressing out due to exam season. Opi Skulls & Glossbones is such a lovely murky cream grey. Really been loving my cream polishes lately and this is no exception. 

However as i was painting my nails I thought to myself, i think i need a little sparkle in my life. So out came  Sally Hansen's Disco Ball. It's definitely not an* in your face glitter polish* rather it just adds a little bit of sparkle to my nails. Personally I hate glitter polishes with a passion!! Don't get me wrong, they look so pretty but they're a B*** to remove and honestly I don't have the patience for it. Nevertheless once in a while I do bust out the few glitter nail polishes i own cause they're still too pretty to pass up:)

The glitter is not that obvious in pictures but I kinda like it that way, a little understated glitter nail.


  1. I have been wanting skulls and glossbones forever. Looks great on you.

  2. great combination, it looks really lovely against your skin.
    Grace xx

  3. @Pandora's box thanks:) it's a really pretty colour, you should definitely get your hands on it.

    @Grace thanks hun:)

  4. What a beautiful combo, it looks like ice crystals. :)

  5. @Vita Thanks, i loved how it turned out:)