Thursday, 1 September 2011

August Favourites

Here's some of the beauty products I have been loving the past month. August was definitely not a very creative or colourful month with makeup, hopefully this will change for September, especially since spring is finally here!!!

Chanel Bronze Universal - All I can say is love!!!The more i use it the more i love it. For a detailed review click Here

Benefit You Rebel Dark - A light tinted moisturizer that I have been reaching for a lot more and will definitely be doing more so as it starts to get warmer. 

Milani Liquifeye Brown - My HG eyeliner. That is all I have to say:)

Mac Sheen Supreme Lipstick Impressive - Love the finish of these Sheen Supremes, glossy and moisturizing.

Nyx Round Lipstick Frapuccino - Been reaching for this more recently, gorgeous brown pinky colour. For a better swatch click Here

Mac Kissable Lipcolour Super - Another my lips but better darker nude brown shade, almost always worn on my lazy makeup days.

L to R: Mac Sheen Supreme Impressive, Nyx Round Lipstick Frapuccino, Mac Kissable Lipcolour Super

What have you been enjoying in the past month?


  1. OMG I want that Chanel bronzer SO BAD! The MAC lip products look amazing as well! LOVE IT!

  2. Argh those lip colours are all so pretty! I need to use my Chanel bronzer more :)

  3. @Anni go get it now!!!!I love it!!!:)

    @Jerry show it more love, it's just perfect:)

  4. O wow, the nyx lippi caught my attention :) thanks for the swatch :)
    Btw, i found your blog today thru blog hop, and i am your newest follower! ;)
    Yay! Lets keep in touch! :)

  5. No problem:) thanks for following!!