Saturday, 18 June 2011

Nyx Round Lipstick Swatches Part 2

This is a continuation of my Nyx round lippy collection. Have a look at the first part here if you haven't checked it out yet.

L to R: Tea Rose, Fig, Louisiana, Doll, Femme

Tea Rose -  Another famous Nyx colour within the beauty community. One of my favourites, definitely use this the most out of the bunch. Its a great everyday lip colour, highly recommend it.

Fig - this looks pretty similar to Tea Rose, just a touch brighter. Another extremely wearable daily colour. Definitely a must have if your into pinks.

Louisiana -  this is a much bolder colour for me personally. I bought this with the aim to ease myself into some bolder pink colours.

Doll - a dusky rose colour which is very neutral and easy to wear. Note to self..must wear this more.

Finally Femme - a darker pinky/reddy coral colour which is quite bright in person. Once again a bolder colour for someone like myself, but I can see myself wearing this more in the summer.

So there you go, these are basically all the Nyx round lippys that I own. Hope it helps you to kinda figure out how some colours look like. If you have any suggestions on other colours that I should try out or even some of your favs, let me know:)


  1. These look amazing- will have to get some! The colours you have are fantastic

  2. thank you :)... definitely try them out..there's heaps of shades to choose from

  3. i love the look of femme but im not a big lipstick wearer. more of a gloss gal!

  4. I do love a good gloss but I seem to be buying a lot of lipsticks recently...its a phase maybe lol

  5. love the 'doll' lip!!!

  6. it would look hot on u Silvi;)

  7. I love Louisiana best. :D
    I love Nyx! New follower here. :D

  8. Hi!!!thanks for following:) Nyx is definitely awesome value for the price