Tuesday, 7 June 2011

NOTD-Sally Hansen Bamboo Shoot

I was looking for an off white colour, something with pink undertones and I came across this nail polish in Priceline which I seem to have an obsession with. It only cost $9.95 which is pretty affordable for 'drugstore' nail polish in Australia so I picked it up. 

Now this nail polish is definitely not opaque, you need about 3 coats or more to get it to be really opaque. It also applies streaky so be wary of this. That being said, I have a heap of other Sally Hansen nail polishes from this line, the Hard as Nails Extreme Wear range and I love them. The darker colours apply much better and only need max 2 coats. 
Sally Hansen Bamboo Shoot

My nails with 4 coats of the nail polish
Despite it all I still like the colour, it makes my hands look clean and fresh.
Have you tried the nail polishes from this line? How did you find them?


  1. I think it looks really pretty on you! 4 coats is a lot though. Cute blog!!

  2. thanks :)4 coats is a lot rite..but i wanted it to be opaque lol.