Thursday, 22 December 2011

NOTD- Essie Very Structured

Dissapointment. Dissapointment in a bottle is all i have to say about this particular Essie polish. In the bottle/online it looked like a gorgeous burnt brown shade. That obviously didn't translate onto my nails. Instead it came out like any other chocolate coloured polish. 
Oh well , you learn i guess. I swear swatches online made this colour look more like a burnt orange/chocolate shade rather than a plain chocolate. My bad.

Have you ever been disappointed by a nail polish colour?


  1. no real disappointments yet, but i do agree this Essie color looks a lot more fun in the bottle than on the nails

  2. I was a bit disappointed by this one too - I understand your pain!xx

  3. When I looked at the nail polish my first thought was wow that looks so pretty, especially for fall. But then I saw it on your nails and I was not very impressed either. It translated very different

  4. Wow definitely looks different on the nails to the bottle!
    Maybe it would look nice on your toes?

  5. @Lucy it sure does:( terribly disappointing!

    @Stacey At least i'm not the only one :)

    @Anel My exact thoughts! Loved it in the bottle, sadly not the same on the nails

    @Melinda Will definitely be trying them on the toes, can't let it go to waste:)