Sunday, 11 December 2011

Seduced By the Glitter Gods

So as mentioned in a previous post, I have been seduced by the Glitter Gods of nail polish. In other words i kinda went nuts on some shimmery/glittery nail polishes. It started off with Excuse Moi from the Opi Muppets collection and i thought that would be it. But oh no, was i wrong.

Enabled by several nail bloggers with their gorgeous swatches of beautiful glitter polishes, namely from the Muppets collection I kinda went nuts. All though Designer de, Better! and Warm and Fozzie aren't chunky glitter polishes, they're more of fine glitter particles that are gorgeous in different lighting. And yes i did have to finally pick up Teenage Dream, i must be the last person on earth, It's out of this world i admit, simply stunning.

Opi Excuse Moi, Designer de, Better!, Warm and Fozzie, Teenage Dreams

Btw i'm done with uni for 7 weeks!!!!So i shall hopefully be back to regular postings and catching up on my fav blogs that i've missed out on so many post. Till then xox


  1. Glitter!!! I've been into shimmery nail polishes! Swatches please!!! ^_^

    Have a great and safe holiday hunny! :) xxxxx

  2. @Vita i'm loving them now:)

    @Tram will do soon:) and thanks,i have nothing to do now, it feels weird but I'm enjoying it!

  3. I have Warm & Fozzie but I def want Designer de Better! great post I'm a sucker for glitter :x lol

  4. thanks hun:) they're just too pretty to resist lolz

  5. You know I loved this collection :D I need to go back for the green shade!

  6. I was suprised that i liked a lot of the shades in this collection, the seduction worked lol