Saturday, 3 December 2011

NOTD- Australis Bombshell & Opi Excuse Moi

I've gone glitter crazy. I never thought this day would come but i have succumbed to the craze of glitter nails. Before i go into it i will be doing a seperate post on the few glitter nail polishes i have hauled recently. This post is on my first experimentation with some glitter.

Now i have always stayed away from them mainly because they're a massive pain in the behind to remove. Yes i'm a lazy, lazy girl and i do not like to spend a heck of a long time removing my nail polish. 
But i was feeling adventurous, so i first picked out Bombshell as I was in the mood for a bright *bam* in your face pink exam stress maybe who knows and it turned out gorgeous.  

Australis Bombshell*

A gorgeous barbie pink for a statement nail.

Then i spied this. Opi Excuse Moi, it's orgasmic don't you think. I sure do;)

The final result, i heart glitter.I played it safe though, only painting my middle and ring finger,  but i'll get there eventually.
What are your thought on glitter polishes? Are you a lazy biatch like me, or do you go the whole nine yards?

*Disclaimer: I received this product as part of the Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend (ABBW) goody bag. This does not affect my thoughts and opinions on the product. I am and will always be 100% honest :)


  1. Beautiful colour combination! I'm a big fan of glitter on only one or two nails. Enough to sparkle but not too over the top.

  2. What a cute design! The colors really compliment each other(:

  3. @Melinda Thanks hun:) Just a little sparkle, what more can girl ask for.

    @Beautiful Stranger Thanks lovely! Very girly and pink:)

  4. Bombshell looks really nice! I personally don't find glitter that interesting, however... I LOVE frosty/shimmery nail polishes!! Wooo! I think they are double the pain to remove though...

    Oh poo :(


  5. @Tram I feel your pain but the pretty factor is so worth it i think;)