Monday, 5 December 2011

First Impressions - Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters

These are all the craze on Youtube/ in the blogosphere. Our lucky fellow bloggers from across the pond have been raving about these lippies . So i finally gave in and purchased 6 of these lippies through trusty old eBay and these are my first impressions on them.

Initially as i swatched them on my hand they struck me as to being waxy in texture as opposed to creamy which was what I imagined them to be. I mean come on, lip butter, no brainer rite. So i was a little disappointed there, but as i kept playing around with them them, trying them on my lips i came to the conclusion that despite not being as moisturizing as i expected them to be, i really like them.

Main reason being, i can see myself being able to slap this on when i'm in a pinch.These are definitely the kind of lipsticks you don't have to think about when applying. The lighter shades give a slight colour and glossiness to the lips and the darker shades are more pigmented if you want a little more colour on your lips. Despite being waxy in formulation they feel good on my lips, so it feels like a balm but with more colour payoff. 

My  picks out of the bunch are Tutti Frutti, a gorgeous coral which is so gonna be my go-to for summer and Red Velvet. This is definitely a red i will be able to rock in the daytime, in fact anytime without feeling odd.
I haven't as yet tested out they're lasting power and how moisturizing they are etc as i have been stuck in my room studying and having a whole week of no makeup, so I will be doing lip swatches in an upcoming post together with my final thoughts on them after i give them a proper test run.

Top to bottom: Creme Brulee, Peach Parfait, Pink Truffle, Tutti Frutti, Berry Smoothie, Red Velvet

Overall based on first impressions, I am impressed. So impressed that I  have already put in another order online for other shades!!!I'm crazy i know ;)

Have you tried Revlon Lip Butters? What are your thoughts?


  1. OMG which ebay seller?! If you don't mind me asking.
    Thanks for the swatches :)


  2. I'm hanging out for these to be launched on the counters!

  3. Ahhh now this makes me want to order them even more! haha I love Tutti Frutti and Red Velvet, gorgeous!

  4. definitely give them a try, and those colours are gorgeous!!:)

  5. Color burst lip butters also came??...colorburst lipstick and lip gloss are my fav

  6. They have been out in the US for a while now. The colorburst line is pretty good:)

  7. Thanks for your honest review, I'm glad I know they have a waxy texture now! It won't put me off but I know what to expect now, since I haven't seen any other bloggers mention that. :)

  8. No probs:)I was expecting them to be creamy and not as waxy but hey i still love them