Sunday, 8 May 2011

Play on Pastels

So as mentioned in my previous blog post, I've been on a nail polish kick and to justify all my purchases I have decided to paint my nails at least every other day.Since I'm on study break..I guess I have the time to get it done (although I should be cramming).
I decided on some pastely colours. I know it's winter here in Australia (unfortunately) but I can't help it...I love these colours they're just so pretty. I used 2 China Glaze nail polishes, Something Sweet as the base coat and Agent Lavender for the tips. They're not very straight or even but I guess I was going for the "I dipped my fingers in another colour effect".

China Glaze: Agent Lavender

China Glaze: Something Sweet, Agent Lavender

China Glaze is by far my favourite nail polish brand and  it's acsessible to me. I  purchase most of mine from and some from two different ebay sellers r93 and beautyzone2007. They're opaque, come in a wide range of colours and minimal chipping so thumbs up from me.

So ladies ...anyone if you're reading..whats on your nails at the moment?