Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Past Love

I was procastinating sorting out some of my makeup  when I came across a much beloved lipstick that I have abandoned in recent times. I pulled it out and thought about all the good times we've had together. Meet my first lipstick love the Diorific Rose Volage lipstick in Nakedly Pink.

The packaging is so worn out and even questionable now that I'm looking at it ;)...but this ladies used to be my HG lipstick in my late teens and my first high end lipstick as well. Its a gorgeous soft pink with a gold sheen. Perfect for a night out or even paired with Indian outfits. It's very creamy and just gorgeous.
As you can see I've worn this baby to death..I don't use it much anymore... no I lie I don't use it ever, but looking at it did bring back fond memories. I guess I still have it tucked away in my collection because of sentimental reasons  I'm just bad at getting rid of anything.

What was you first high end lipstick? Still have it buried in your collection?


  1. Lovely post Priyanka, and the colour of this lippy is too beautiful. My 1st high end was also by Dior, but the colour looked awful on me (it was a dark purply brown which made me look like a corpse warmed up!), so I got rid of it.


  2. thanks Lilit..aww thats too bad but i guess we all learn from our past lippy mistakes :)

  3. oooo love the lippy, pretty colour! i havnt bought any high end lippys yet (budgeting times), but i do remember my first lippy, I was 13, it was rimmel, and pillar box red, and i just smoshed it on, embarrassing now, but it got me into make up. love the blog, following xxxx

  4. love the shade. i think it has a gold tone underneath the rose shade. so pretty! I also like the gold packaging. so elegant and expensive looking. hehe. oh, Nice blog deary. Defnitely going to follow you!:D
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    Kat :)

  5. DibDabs...thanks for the support:)....rimmel lipstick are great value for money love them

    MissKatv...it's gorgeous isn't it...thanks for the support will definitely check out the giveaway:)