Thursday, 26 May 2011

Being Bold with Pigments

I consider myself a neutral girl when it comes to eyeshadows....I play it pretty safe when it comes to colour choices and never really dare to stray into uncharted territory ..but after seeing a billion Youtube vids on Barry M pigments and considering how affordable they are I decided hmmm maybe I can start my experimenting with some colours using these pigments. 
I never was much of a pigment user until recently. In fact these were the very first pigments that I owned and so I guess you could say I kinda went pigment crazy from then onwards. I have come to accumulate a few of these wonderful pigments, so I thought I would do a mini review/swatcheroo of them.

These are all swatched wet using some Mac Fix+ and without an eyeshadow base.I personally feel  the best way to use pigments is to use them wet as it brings out the colours and makes them more intense.
L to R: 88 winter berry, 55 fig, 20 baby blue, 92 aqua gold, 59 lilac
L to R: 87 coral, 3 pink/gold, 44 bronze, 39 tan, 96 gold
These pigments are awesome if your like me and experimenting with new eye products and want to try playing around with pigments. They're extremely pigmented and come in a vast arrays of colours. My personal favourites are bronze and tan neutral gal at heart.  Love love love them! You can get these wonderfull pigments from the Barry M website or from Crush Cosmetics. So ladies what are your favourite pigments and how do you use them?


  1. I have a couple of these mm mushroom and petrol black, adore them <3

  2. ooo been wanting mushroom for the longest time...but everytime I want to buy it, its sold out:(