Sunday, 22 May 2011

Holiday Haulin'

Hi my name is Priyanka and I am a makeup junkie. Looking at all the things I have accumulated on just a week of holidays is ridiculous. I have lost the plot people, take my credit card and Internet connection away. I can only do more damage if I have them with me ;)
So this is what I have purchased in the past week while on holiday in Perth , browsing thru Priceline back in Sydney and to top it off my two eBay packages arrived in the same week. So yes I have gone nuts!!! I guess the only excuse I have is that I have been busy studying/surviving the past 12 weeks in pharm school so I deserved some retail therapy? trying to justify my excessive spending . Anyways lets take a look at the damage I've done *yikes*

This is all the stuff I purchased in Perth...what i'm really excited about is the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation that I used the other night and I loved makes your skin look all dewy and its just gorgeous..might just have to do a review on that. Also I purchased the Morrocan Oil travel pack as I have been interested in trying the products out for a far not too impressed with the shampoos but loving the oil.

I was heaps excited when my eBay packages arrived during the week..I ordered the Mac stuff separately from all the other drugstore products. What I'm excited about is the Ever Hip l/s from the new Mac collection out in the US..gorgeous corally pinky colour. The other things are the two Hard Candy Fox in A Box blushers that are supposed to be dupes to the Benefit boxed blushers at a fraction of the cost.

And then, when I got back to Sydney I kinda went a little...ok maybe more than a little nuts in Priceline. The Revlon polishes were about AUD $9 so I had too? Looking at the colours now it looks like I'm getting ready for summer and the fact is its just started to get really cold in Australia but these colours make me smile so I guess I will be ready when summer roles on by:)

These are the other things I picked up at Priceline. A few bits n bobs and yes I did need more l/s go figure.

Finally I had to pop into Lush. I've just started getting into Lush so I decided to try out their hair masque and because I love anything with vanilla the Vanillary perfume just had to be smells divine.

I think I need therapy and not of the retail kind help me...but until then what have you been hauling lately?

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