Sunday, 1 July 2012

Butter Me Up

I did go a teensy bit crazy, I'm pretty sure that's what your thinking, but wait hear me out. There was a good reason for this. Ozsale was having a sale on Butter London nail polishes for $14 AUD each, how could i say no!  don't answer that

Here's what i picked up

Macbeth, Trout Pout, Jaffa, Artful Dodger
Marrow, Toff, Queen Vic, Scoundrel
My thoughts;
Where have you been all my life Butter London??? These are definitely luxe polishes in my book, maybe cause i did get them for much cheaper than what they normally are, around $22AUD i have a greater love for them but seriously in all honesty, they are amazeballs for lack of a better word *excuse the vocab*

Opaque, vibrant, long lasting i.e minimal tip wear and lasted 4 days no chipping. Gorgeous shades and just a joy to apply. One con i have to say is i wish the brush was slightly wider, it's a little narrow for my liking but hey everything else outweighs that.

Have you tired Butter London polishes?


  1. I have a couple of bottles and they wear really well! Just wondering how long you had to wait for delivery? I've considered ordering through ozsale but heard they were particularly slow with delivery taking up to 4 weeks...

  2. Spoke to you on twitter but despite the 3 week wait i still think they are worth purchasing :)

  3. I bought a whole bunch on Ozsale before too! Though one of them did smash on delivery. But I LOVE Butter nail polishes, they're just so rich and long wearing!

    1. I just received the second order i made with them and one of them did turn up broken, still great deal and they are awesome polishes:)