Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Oil On My Face?!?!

I kid you not, that was my initial reaction when i started reading about using oil as a moisturizing agent. I wondered, who the hell would do that!!!
Now i do and i absolutely love the results.

So Rose Hip Oil has been getting the rounds in the beauty community as having various beneficial properties for the skin. I was always cautious about this  fad but also a small part of me was rather intrigued, So when i was given the opportunity to trial the Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil, i thought why not!

The Product
Now it is as what is says, an oil. I apply it every night , a few drops on the palm of my hands and spread gently onto my entire face including the neck. I find it does absorb pretty quick and there is no residual oilyness left on my sheets or pillow which i was a little vary about. In the mornings i cleanse my face as per normal and initially i have to be honest, i felt it did nothing. But i was persistent and after about a month only did i actually feel and see a difference to my skin.  Not only in texture but overall appearance was just to put it in simple words lovely ;) Smoother to the touch and an overall glowy look to the skin.

The Packaging
I do like how it comes with a dropper, could be the pharmacist in me but this just makes dispensing the amount of product easier. I generally use 2-4 drops for my entire face and whatever residue is left i just rub it into elbows, after all it is a moisturizer. Also i do find by having a dropper, i do not waste a lot of the product and trust me a little of this goes a long way.

I absolutely love it, all those images of clogged pores and greasy faces have been dispelled. I think i might just be addicted to putting oils on my face now, doesn't scare me anymore!!!

Have you tired any Rose Hip Oil products? Thoughts?

The Sukin skincare range can be found in most major pharmacies.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for consideration for review. This does not affect my thoughts and opinions on the product. I am and will always be 100% honest :)


  1. How nice is this oil!? I love that it is in a dropper too, though I do like pump oils as well. I find this helps with my dry and flaky patches this time of year too

    1. I know !!! Absolutely love it and just love the feeling it gives

  2. Thanks for posting this. Been heard about rose hip oil before but never tried. I'm using Kiehl's MRC and it's really amazing oil too, perhaps these oil products more or less do the same thing. ^_^

    xx, Indira from cherietmoi

    1. Pretty much, i'm sure many brands make their version of a night time oil serum but i'm glad i managed to trial this out. Now i absolutely love the idea:)

  3. Looks cool..Where can one find it?? and what is the cost??
    The Sweet Life

    1. Sukin is available at most pharmacies here in Australia. You can check out their website for more details http://www.sukinorganics.com/

      Hope that helps:)