Thursday, 3 November 2011

Weekly Blush Love: Milani Luminoso

Recently my weeks have been ending on Wednesday and i get a 4 day weekend. Lucky you say, true but i have a ton of stuff to do, from assignments to weekly assessments and catching up on a ton of lectures. Hence the title.  

This particular bush, Luminoso has definitely been high on rotation not only this week but all of the past month. These baked blushers reminiscent of Mac mineralized blushers are definitely worth a try. They are pigmented without being overly pigmented which sometimes i hate in a blush * hello Nars*


I have picked up quite a few of these baked blushers and i have to say they are fantastic! Luminoso is the least shimmery of the lot, not that i hate shimmer but it gives a pretty slightly shimmery glow to my face. Peachy pinks always look good on my skintone and i really love this shade.  Easily blended out and I pretty much have a peachy glow throughout my day at uni.

Have you tried the Milani baked blushers? Which are your favs?


  1. I actually bought this very same blush which arrived 3 days ago. LOVE it, it's so easy to wear and I know what you mean about it being pigmented but not too much... you can't overdo it with this blush.


  2. Love these, I'm the proud owner of 5 of them :) Everyone always goes crazy over Luminoso, such a perfect colour

  3. @Lilit It's gorgeous rite!!! I'm a little heavy handed sometimes with my blush, so this is perfect for me. You should check out some of the other shades too :)

    @Megan They're pretty awesome blushers hey :), Berry Amore is fast becoming another fav as well.

  4. Oh I love this!! I need to get this blush :)
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