Saturday, 29 October 2011

My Most Recent Mac Purchase

Paint pots...where do I begin. Up until a year ago i had no idea what paint pots were let alone that they existed.  Obviously now being a makeup junkie and all i may have a little obsession. Unfortunately for me though, these lovely pots of colourful goodness crease on me. Badly. Yes i'm one of those people with oily lids that can never get any creamy product to not crease on my lids...aaarghhhh!!! I have to say though with a primer, it last a little longer minus the creasing but inevitably they all crease on me:( 

Despite all the creasing going on, I have come to accumulate a few paint pots, don't ask me why. I guess i like how shiny and creamy they look in the pot when you first get them and have some hope inside me that maybe, just maybe this one will be the one, this one won't crease..... *fat chance*

My most recent paint pot purchase came out with the Posh Paradise collection not too long ago. Nubile, is a matte peachy pink shade that i just couldn't resist. I know no shimmer and shine but somehow this baby called out to me at the Mac stand. I would love to be able to use it as a wash of colour all over the lid on a daily basis.

I have high hopes for Nubile, hopes that this won't crease on me. If you have any ideas please let me know:)


  1. I love Nubile. I love Paint Pots in general! Such a shame that they crease on you.

  2. Gorgeous colour, very wearable. I have oily lids aswell, the only way i stop eyeshadow creasing is with face primer, eye primer and setting/finishing powder. it keeps cream shadows in place all day but can take a while to apply it all :/
    Grace xx

  3. @Kxo i'm hoping i will find a primer that could help solve that issue, but i still love them:)

    @Grace the eye primer helps a little but they always end up creasing, such a shame!!!

  4. Thats such a pretty color! I agree with the above comment If you have trouble with creasing I would use whatever eye primer and then put a finishing powder on top.

  5. @Jillian I shall definitely try that out:)

    Thanks for the tips ladies xox