Sunday, 6 November 2011

NOTD- Essie Absolutely Shore

Just a quick NOTD post for today, I've been super busy with Uni and placements, it's been non stop. Exams are fast approaching, then i finally get a month off uni *wohooooo!!*

Really been loving this colour, Absolutely Shore brings to mind sun, sand and sipping cocktails by the beach, a gal can dream rite;) Lovely white base minty green that makes me look forward to the summer hols even more now!!!

Hope you have an awesome week ahead:)


  1. Omg :D Such a nice colour!! It doesn't look like theres any mint tint to it though!! Seems a lil bit plain for my liking but would be GREAT for white flower art or marble nails even!! I can so imagine!!



  2. Nice one! I had a car this colour once... a 1976 Toyota Corona. I called it my mint green mean machine!

  3. @Tram I love these pastel colours, they make me happy lol. I'm not very good with nail art, may have to pick some tips up from you:)

    @Karyn Oh i can only imagine!! such a cute colour for a car. I always wanted a baby pink car but the bf just wont have it lol