Saturday, 19 November 2011

Nyx Round Lipstick Swatches Part 3

This is a continuation of my Nyx round lipstick collection. You can see swatches previously done HERE and HERE. I picked up a couple more of their older and some new shades they recently came out with. I always tend to pick these up when Cherry Culture has a 20% sale ever so often as I feel these lipsticks are inexpensive and just a great way to play around with different shades witout breaking the bank. 

Just a heads up. I seem to have picked a range of pink lipsticks, but hey, a gal can never have too many pink lipsticks now, can she;)

L to R: Blush, Stella, Chic, Muse and Cocoa

Blush - a cool toned baby pink, the kind that i can easily pull off.

Stella - Another baby pink very similar to blush but slightly brighter, as usual swatches online never do help, oh well thank god i love my pinks!

Chic - hmmm maybe i really wasn't in the right frame of mind when i made this purchase. This is a tad lighter and pinker than blush and a little frosty in real life. 

Muse - a frosty silvery pinky colour that i'm actually not a fan off, might pawn this one off to a friend. A little too frosty for my liking.

Cocoa - Finally something different:) A darker brown that i actually really like, suits my skin tone well and great for a darker nudie lip day.


  1. The creaminess of these lippies is unbelievable! Cocoa & Blush look so lovely on you. If only I didn't have soooo many lipsticks I'd consider buying more of these beauties!!

  2. Thanks Vita:) I agree, they're great lipsticks to play around with. I'm addicted!! lol

  3. Cocoa is absolutely gorgeous on you! I'm jealous because I'm paler than a ghost lol your skin tone is positively lovely(:

  4. Thank you. I'm sure you rock some gorgeous colours that i would find hard to carry off :)