Friday, 30 September 2011

ABBW & IMATS 2011 Wrap-Up

Last weekend the 24th and 25th September, 85 gorgeous beauty bloggers from all over the country gathered at the Novotel Sydney for the first ever Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend, which also coincided with IMATS 2011.
Aerial view of IMATS
How was it you ask, AH-MA-ZING!!! Honestly, i have run our of adjectives to describe the weekend. But before i ramble on about the whole thing i have to thank and congratulate the two fabulous ladies who made the weekend happen. Jacie and Kimmi did a fantastic job pampering us beauty bloggers and not once did i feel unwelcomed despite not knowing anyone initially. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!

INGLOT stand, had to get a pic there!
Us lucky ladies were pampered like there's no tomorrow. The lovely sponsors definitely spoilt us rotten with gift bags stacked to the brim, that after the 1st day i had sore arms carrying everything home:) Thank you to all the sponsors for your generosity, i'm extremely gratefull to be apart of it. I can safely say that there will be numerous reviews on various products to come in the coming months.

Goodie bag galore!!Thank you to all the sponsors for spoiling us rotten:)
What i took from this, well i gained so much especially attending the numerous talks hosted by the PR companies, I may be a little hobbyist blogger but i definitely picked up some excellent tips to improve my blog. I also meet a lot of wonderful bloggers whom i had been following for ages as well as found some new blogs to follow. Shout out to Stephanie for being my ABBW buddy as we both caught the train in together on the 1st day and just hit it off.
Definitely made a ton of friends that all share a common interest, a love of all things beauty. I admit, once during the weekend i thought to myself, wow i'm having a conversation with someone regarding eye liner for 20 minutes and we were just feeding of each other with tips and tricks and you know what, it didn't feel weird, it was as i said AH-MA-ZING!!!!!

Face of Australia Masterclass, learnt so much!
I have yet to sort through all the goodie bags, but stay tuned for a IMATS haul as I went maybe a little bit crazy.


  1. I loved meeting you SO MUCH!! xoxoxx you're such a beautiful person, both inside and out

  2. it was lovely to meet you that weekend..and to find that we had so much in common! haha

  3. @Anni that's so sweet of you:)your absolutely fabulous yourself hun!!!and you were definitely keeping it Haute all weekend ;) love ya xox

    @Kylie same here pharm buddy;) we definitely have loads in common, was awesome meeting you!!

    @Jerry U have to come next year!!!you will love it:)

  4. So jealous of all you guys that got to go!! Looked like so much fun :(

    I awarded you a blog award :)

  5. Was so good to meet you finally! I think I first met you at the Illamasqua stand and I had my arms full of their loot!

  6. @Hannah Thanks hun!!tha's sweet of you, will get on it asap. And you have to make an appearance next year for ABBW!!:)

    @Megan i'm so glad we met:) yes u were scoping out Illamasqua and enabled me lol

  7. It was so nice to get to know you a little. Love your awesomely jovial personality! :) Hopefully we'll get to meet again in the near future. xx

  8. @Norlin loved meeting you too!!aww that's so sweet of you. We just got along well, must be the Msian/Singaporian thing lol.Hope to catch up with you sometime:)