Monday, 3 October 2011

IMATS Haul + Swatches

I had previously been to IMATS last year, and wasn't too impressed. Namely because many of the big names weren't there and when you compared it to the IMATS in LA and London, it's pretty low key. This year, whole different story. Many more makeup brands were there namely Inglot, Mac and Illamasqua so I was looking forward to seeing them displaying their stuff. Plus I was there as part of the 85 strong ABBW team which made it all the more fun. Makeup with a whole bunch of beauty bloggers, can't get better than that rite!

Powdered Metal Ether, Cream Blusher Laid, Precision Ink Alchemy and Pure Pigment Marvel
First stop was Illamasqua. they were having insane discounts, most things were around AUD$10, so i went a little nuts.
Ether, Laid, Alchemy and Marvel

Prior to IMATS i had envisioned myself witha  new 10 pan Inglot palette. Ever since they increased their prices i have been put off by them, but i heard over twitter that they would be offering a 30% discount at IMATS and thought now's my chance to get my hands on some new shades. Of course everyone else had the same idea, so the lines were long and the wait was painful but i'm happy with the items i purchased. 

Inglot lipsticks in 222 and 104

222 and 104

L to R: DS 463, Matte 327,337,344 and 354
L to R: AMC Shine 29, 35, 10, Pearl 413 and AMC 56

Finally, I picked up a few brushes, the Pod which is a beauty blender knock-off and a mini empty brush role. Overall I was happy with my purchases, might have gone a little over budget but can't do anything about that now;)

Separate to my haul, as part of the ABBW we were basically treated like VIPs, There was a mini mani/makeup/nibbles areas set up for us ladies to rest our poor feet from standing to long in the lines thanks to Royal & Langnickel. We also received a a mini brush roll from the lovely people from Royal & Langnickel which will come in handy for travelling. The people from Serge Louise Alvarez were also extremely kind to have a lucky dip of their makeup products. I managed to score myself a pretty goldie brown lipgloss. A massive thank you to the lovely sponsors for the wonderful gifts!!

What did you purchase at IMATS? Did you break the bank;)


  1. I wish I had of bought more stuff namely Illamasqua and Inglot but oh well next year for sure lol!!

  2. Awe... by the time I got to Illamasqua almost everything was sold out:) Love you Inglot palette - such a beautiful choice of pastels!
    p.s. It was a great pleasure to meet you dear at the ABBW. Looking forward to chat more next year!!

  3. The cream blusher looks gorgeous, such a lovely colour!
    I hope i get a chance to go next year, it looks like every body had such a great time!
    Grace xx

  4. Great haul, I still have to get around to reviewing my stuff. I love those lipsticks you picked up. I really wish I has persevered and got some more things from Inglot but it was just so crazy!

  5. @Rachal Net year for sure!!!I'm going to be hitting up Inglot big time:)

    @Marusya thanks, i was wanting to get some softer matte shades for daily use so i'm happy with how it turned out. Loved chatting with you about ur family:)

    @Grace thanks lovely :) Definitely do come, it will be awesome to meet you and its a great experience overall!

    @Megan Thanks hun:) I was drawn to them since most people were all over the shadows, there's always next year!!!

  6. I think I have that same SLA lipgloss, I bet it looks even better on your skintone! I love the look of those Inglot lipsticks you picked up, and OMG I need Illamasqua Laid. Right Now.

  7. @Jerry Illamasqua had amazing discounts, not much too choose from but still!! You are making an appearance next year for sure!!!

  8. Great haul Priyanka! I've got the Inglot 104 as well, it's one of my favourites. Hope you like it too.


  9. thanks Lilit, I was swatching them and fell in love:)

  10. Hey Girl! I found your link on the beauty blog hop and am now following you. Please feel free to check out my beauty blog too. :)