Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

I'm beginning to find mascaras are the easiest of the bunch to finish or rather get rid off.  But i was really sad to see my Mac Haute and Naughty go, as this might just be my Holy Grail mascara. I've had this for quite some time and absolutely love it.
Now Mac has not been very well known for their mascaras, but they do have a large range i believe.  The reason i picked this gem of a mascara up was due to a review done on Temptalias website  that piked my interest. I have to admit the wand rather intrigued me as i had initially thought it to be rather gimmicky, boy was i proven wrong.

Essentially it's one mascara wand with two openings, the larger opening picks up more product while the smaller opening is perfect for giving more definition to lashes as well as coating the bottom lashes. I personally tend to use the smaller opening for daytime wear and go the thicker end for a more dramatic look particularly for nights out.  I do believe Bourjois has a dupable version similar to this mascara which i might try as it probably is a fraction of the price when Priceline has a sale on them.

So here are my thoughts;
This really defines my lashes and just makes my eyes pop.  As I occasionally skip the whole eye shadow routine, all i tend to do is line my eyes and put this mascara on and voila my eyes looked amazing! if i say so myself;) 
It does not flake on me as some mascaras do leave residual bits under my eyes, not cute!
Overall, i can safely say this is one of the better if not the best mascara i have ever tried as it definitely ticks all the right boxes for me.

Have you tried Haute and Naughty?


  1. I've not seem many reviews on MAC mascaras, apart from this one. It seems like a cool concept, and I think the packaging is really pretty :)

    1. The concept and of course packaging sucked me in to give this a try, definitely worth checking out:)

  2. Seems really similar to Bourjois Volumizer which I quite liked although it took some work not to end up loading too much onto my lashes

    1. That's what i'm gonna try next. just love the results this gave my lashes

  3. gr8 concept..looks promisin..gr8 review :)
    The Sweet Life