Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Version of A Project Pan

Confession, a few days ago i looked at my makeup collection and was disgusted by it!

 Yes i think i have reached a point where the amount i have bothers me. I love makeup but i think sometimes i go a little, if not extremely overboard with my purchases :) 
So i thought to myself can i, can i cut down, yes! and how am i gonna do this. 
Well first off, i did a clear up of all things i don't ever and will never use. Blog sale hopefully sometime in the future perhaps. 
Then i thought, i would put everything I used to use all the time and products that i have left aside to make a point of using them up. And voila! this is a whole box of unloved or previously loved products
that i intend to see to its very end


So basically, the idea is to reach for these products first and every now and then mix it up with other products in my collection. I mean really does anyone need 10 different concealers   hides in shame.

This isn't in anyway a project pan,well i guess its my version of a project pan.

I know myself to well, the buying ain't gonna stop :)

Has your collection gotten out of hand? Are you on a project pan?


  1. You got my attention when you said Project 10 Pan! I'm half-way there on mine and IT'S DRIVING ME DEMENTED because it's so hard-core trying to use up 10 make-up items. Great idea of yours and I think it's something you'll be able to stick to. I look forward to seeing what you've got up for sale, even if I am just looking for now *sniffs*.

    1. Good on you for sticking with it though! I know i could never finish one, the temptation to buy is to great for me lol hence why i created this ;)

    2. Would it make you feel better if I said 99% of beauty bloggers have the problem of hoarding beauty products? Haha
      I think i shall do what you're doing! Looks fun and challenging

    3. lol i feel much better now:) Good luck and keep us posted on how your going

  2. Yes!! I've been doing this too!!

    Like you, I am so ashamed of the amount of make-up I own! I mean.. my everyday make-up is only of a tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, blush and highlighter and a lipstick. What's with the 20 lipsticks, 8 blushers, 7 foundations and 10 mascaras I own!!!!!!!!!

    I only have one face, yet I have enough make-up for 5 faces. My oh my!!!

    This post is super inspiring. I'm gonna do this too! Organise products I need to use in a little box.

    Sigh.. I am so stressed now! Hahaha..

    1. i know rite!!!! i'ts ridiculous how much stuff we accumulate all in the name of beauty blogging lol but i do love my collection but it gets a little overwhelming at times.

      Glad to have inspired you:)

  3. I have just drafted a post so similar to this it's so funny! Great minds think alike xx

    1. i read it!! great idea and as u said great minds do think alike hey:)