Sunday, 4 March 2012

Mac Kissable Lipcolours

In the recent Mac Shop, Mac Cook collection out in the States, they repromoted some shades of the Kissable Lip colour. Now i had picked up a couple of these liquid lipstick hybrid when they initally came out in the Peacocky collection sometime last year. Trust Mac to have a billion and one collections out at any given time! So as this collection has yet to hit Aussie shores, i thought i would do a mini swatcheroo and post my thoughts on them.

I find these Lipcolours,as they're called act like a lipstick/stain. After eating and drinking, i do find some colour still visible and i just need a little top up and i'm good to go. They're extremely creamy and apply smoothly. I do enjoy busting these babies out from time to time, hence why i chose a nude, a vibrant coral and a pinky colour.

One con i have with the product is the lenght of the wand. I am not a fan. I find it way too long,so its harder to manipulate in a way for me. If it was just a tad bit shorter, it would be perfect.  

Msc Kissable LipColours in Super, Exxx-hibitionist and So Vain

Super, Exxx-hibitionist and So Vain

Only 1 of the shades, So Vain is being repromoted but they are some pretty colours coming out in the Mac Shop, Mac Cook collection. Definitely do check them out!

Have you tried the Kissable LipColours? Thoughts?


  1. So Vain is really pretty, I was unsure of these when they came out with Peacocky but should have another look at them this time around.

    1. I was intrigued by them when they came out in Peacocky so i kinda went a little nuts;) Do check them out!

  2. Hi Priyanka, I am Tapaswini, an Indian Makeup and Beuty blogger, Like your blog! :) The shades of the lipcolors are pretty!I liked So vain shade a lot! Joined you by gfc.Do check my blog too!

  3. Hi Tapaswini, Thanks for checking out my blog:)