Saturday, 7 April 2012

NOTD- Topshop Smashing Pumpkin

This is what i wanted Essie's Very Structured to be but that was an epic fail!  A burnt orange and like the name says, the perfect pumpkin colour. Gorgeous! 
I am obsessed with Topshop nail polishes, I NEED MORE!!!! Can't wait till they make an appearance in Sydney. I'm so gonna raid that shop;)

On a side note, how amazing has the weather in Sydney been so far! Hope i didnt jinx it:)

Have an awesome long weekend everyone and Happy Easter!


  1. ooh what a pretty colour! i like how its not orange orange, but still wearable :)

  2. I still haven't treated myself to a Topshop polish even though I've been in the Melb store twice! I'm curious to know what the wear is like in terms of durability?

    1. 5 days and still going strong! how awesome is that, beats Opi cause i always find chipping with Opi after 2 days. Definitely do check them out:)