Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Mineralize Me

Mineralized eyeshadows, i've always stayed away from them. In fact up until purchasing these babies i had none in my collection. I always heard bad reviews regarding pigmentation and so i always thought twice about making a purchase. That was until i swatched some at the Mac store on a recent shopping trip.

 First up, they look gorgeous in the pan. There's no denying that. A swirl of colours running through a main shade makes them look like mini galaxies. It's like they call out to you, swatch me Priyanka swatch me. So i did and i gasped. Man are they pretty awesome. No sign of pigmentation problem here. You can use these eyeshadows both wet and dry, and i was already impressed with the dry swatch so there was no doubt there that i was making a purchase.

Snow Season, Fresh Ice
The two that i picked up are from the recent Mac Glitter and Ice collection. I picked these 2 shades specifically as inner corner and browbone highlight colours as i thought they were just perfect for that. 
Snow Season and Fresh Ice swatched dry
Are you a fan of Mineralized eyeshadows? What are your favourites?


  1. Great picks and gorgeous swatches.

  2. Mineralize shadows don't really grab me, even though some seem nice when I swatch them on counter. I'm more likely to be suckered into mineralize blushes;P

  3. lovely picks!! i just find them way too much on my eyes, i think i won't wear them much :) i'm more of bases (concealer, foundation, blushes etc) and yea.. like emma there, i'm more likely to be sucked into mineralize blushes hahahaa

  4. Oh man, I completely ignored the Mineralize eyeshadows from that collection but you make them look so pretty! ;__; I regretted not picking up anything from the collection(s) so I ordered on Ebay afterward and just got She-Zam dazzleglass and the Sultry lip bag today. Waiting for the silver lipstick Eloquent Air to come in the mail too!

  5. @Pandora's Box Thanks love:)

    @Emma & Cendana i never thought twice about even looking at them but these just had to be swatched. It't not like i need another addiction rite lol

    @Jerry They are gorgeous!!! i'm picking up another one from the Naturally collection so don't miss out on them!! And yes eBay is definitely the way to go:)

  6. Nice picks! They do seem great for highlighting the inner corners and brow bone! I haven't tried baked eyeshadows.. in fact, I don't use eyeshadows! :3 x

    1. y not!!! i'm a neutral e/s kinda gal and this just fits rite in even for a wash of colour on the eyelids. Definitely try them out:)